BULLS:  Cheers to Ify!

BULLS:  Cheers to Ify!
Bulls Thumbs Up DG of Nigerian Chamber of Shipping Mrs. Ify Anazonwu

As the DG of Nigerian Chamber of Shipping Mrs. Ify Anazonwu Akerele celebrates her 60th year on Earth and 13 years of service to the Chamber, she has succeeded in transforming the chamber from a one-room office where it started into a key player in the maritime industry and today she is also on the board of the Institute of Directors (IOD), in Nigeria.

Considering the retirement age in Nigeria, her legacy for the younger generation is food for thought and the place of mentorship in achieving her vision for the Chamber which she says is having a Niger port will determine if she has earned the loudest, most deserving and resounding Hip Hip Hurray!

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