BULLS: Joy In Suspense With Shippers’ Council

Joy In Suspense With Shippers’ Council

The management of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council(NSC) recently bent towards the cries of Nigerian shippers by suspending the new haulage rate on Eastern ports. It was said to be for two weeks only! The question therefore is: What do they want to achieve under two weeks? Is it to meet the stakeholders that should have been the first step?  Is it to reduce or review the rates?  The management should be careful not to lose focus of the brand essence of NSC with the revenue drive preoccupation of Ahmed Tinubu’s regime. The agency is becoming more revenue generation inclined lately thereby losing its meat of regulation  and protection for fair trade and facilitation of trade.  These interests should be moderated so as not to become another NPA or NIMASA in disguise! Mr. President should be told and Barr. Pius Akutah should defend his authority and powers  irrespective of the Steve Oransaye report.

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