BEARS: Why Sudden Deaths In Customs?

BEARS: Why Sudden Deaths In Customs?
Late DC Essien


A senior customs officer of the rank of Deputy Comptroller of Customs has passed on at the National Assembly Clinic, Abuja.

He was said to be guest of the Public Account Committee  of the House of Representatives where he appeared for questioning  in the ongoing probe of revenue- generating agencies and parastatals of government.

The deceased, DC Essien Etop, was the DC in charge of Finance Administration and Technical Services. Recently, a Chief Superintendent of Customs took his life in Kaduna before his family You may call this, depression. Many others are dying unannounced in various commands, raising question on what could be the problem. They are well paid, their future as it were is secured they have access to good health facility. Could this be associated with the narrative that they kill one another out of envy and jostle for good posting? This latter reason is everywhere in private and public organizations. Perhaps, Customs should make regular health check and exercise compulsory for all.  Ali denied them hope that Adenyi has given but Tinubu made the environment more hopeless than what Buhari granted. May the soul of Essien rest in peace..

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