MMS plus Profile

MMS plus, a Newspaper published by Kings Communications Limited with coverage interests in Maritime, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Power and Energy as well as Finance, has also become a must read for leaders, managers and investors in the sectors mentioned since hitting the Newsstand September, 2010. Now, to stakeholders, a week without MMS plus is empty. Its on-line edition has attracted comments from across all Continents of the World.

Our Vision: To be the flagship of specialized journalism in Africa.
Our Mission: Leaving a trail in the lives of readers through conscious delivery of excellence.
Our Style: We deliver developmental investigative and managerial journalism plus.

Others report events, we make marks, foot-prints, laying beacons with our news items. No truth is hidden unless MMS plus weekly is not there. And over time, MMS plus weekly has changed ugly situations for good as an influential industry paper. It is the most widely read and circulated among other industry papers. Those who desire the truth don’t miss MMS plus weekly. The editorial content is flavoured with leisure and fun-giving materials, often delivered in technical and literary wizardry.

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