BULLS: Be Careful, Mr. Minister

BULLS: Be Careful, Mr. Minister

Ordinarily, many maritime industry operators should be happy that the end of one agency’s chief executive officer provides opportunity for another in an ideal situation where leadership is a continuum.

The Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy has created serious challenges for the Minister, Adegboyega Oyetola  and his team because they are entirely greenhorns and as such need experienced head of agencies to offer leadership direction from their areas of control until the expected workable blueprint for the new ministry is out and tested for a period to ensure sustainability.

It is risky to have a fresh Minister, fresh Permanent Secretary, fresh Chief Executive Officer in NIWA and NSC with a plan to send off the man in NIMASA, etc. This ship is bound to capsize, soon.  

For the sake of success of the new ministry, grant a grace period of at least one year to the experienced CEOs.  Removal of anybody now entails groping in the dark for at least one year inside the agency before assuming an  altitude  that will support the ministry technically. One may argue that there are trained officers within, but don’t forget the politics within.  Recalling a former CEO to head agency, now will be counter productive especially if the person is a copy-cat and a person with personal vendetta. Be careful, Mr. Minister.  

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