Stop Attacking Critics Of Your Govt, PDP Urges Soludo

Stop Attacking Critics Of Your Govt, PDP Urges Soludo
Charles Soludo during the inauguration

The Anambra State chapter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party has asked the state governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, to stop attacking critics of his administration.

The party’s spokesman in Anambra, Uloka Chibuike, stated this in a press statement he issued on Tuesday, adding that the continuous verbal assaults against critics and commentators suggest that the current administration in the state is “adrift and marooned.”

Chibuike said the governor should remember that he occupies a public position of trust and not a private establishment and must be accountable to the people.

He said, “He must be reminded that the Anambra State government house is not his private business from which he launches attacks and throws punches at those with whom he has family or business disagreements; he must be accountable to the people of the state.

“The recent attacks by the Press Secretary and other senior aides of the governor against critics of his administration, policies, and supposed accomplishments, which can only be described as minimal or next to nothing compared to what was promised, portray him as someone who is struggling, unpopular, and has no substantial scorecard.

“The continuous verbal assaults against critics and commentators suggest that the current government is adrift and marooned.

“Critics and commentators are not adversaries of the government, but rather citizens who want to see the government keep their promises and make suggestions on how the government might improve.

He added, “It is unacceptable for Soludo to become defensive and resort to verbal onslaught when reminded that there is little evidence on the ground to justify his 19 months in office.

“Isn’t it shameful that, five months away from his two-year mark as the executive governor, Soludo still responds to criticism with promises of what he plans to do rather than showcasing tangible, verifiable achievements for the citizens to see and experience?

“Poverty, sorrow, regret, and disappointment have gripped the people of Anambra, yet instead of the governor taking action and offering hope, he chooses threats and verbal onslaught as his response and defence.”

According to him, Okonkwo’s statements do not indicate a desperate bid for the governor’s seat, as claimed by Soludo’s aides, but the concerns of a citizen who is eager to see a better and more prosperous Anambra State.

“It’s highly insensitive for the governor’s aides to criticise critics over the state of Anambra’s roads and blame them for not fixing them. What, then, is the responsibility of the current government if private citizens, who pay their taxes and engage in numerous community and philanthropic activities, are expected to perform the government’s functions with their funds?

“Despite having access to substantial tax revenue and federal allocations, Soludo fails to showcase his achievements with these resources, which belong to the people of Anambra. Instead, he focuses on individual citizens’ community service efforts. Such is the hallmark of failure.

“There is no significant progress and development in the state. The governor is celebrating 400 kilometres of roads that cannot be found anywhere in the state, and the identities and addresses of the contractors remain unknown to the people of Anambra.

“Soludo’s 19 months in office can best be described as producing minimal results despite his assurances of delivering to Anambra people the infrastructure and economy of Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New York,” the statement added.

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