BULLS: Amaechi ‘Mr. Punctuality’

BULLS: Amaechi ‘Mr. Punctuality’
Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transport

The Minister of Transportation, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi has calved a niche for himself in the Transport sector as ‘Mr. Punctuality’. You can bet to find him at all meetings several minutes before kick-off time as he is hardly tardy. On few occasions when he shows up late, it is usually with an apology and an explanation valid enough to have kept him absent from the meeting.

At a recent event in Abuja, Amaechi showed up over one hour before the event. He had been told the event was for 9am so he arrived by 8:45am, only to be informed that the event was actually slated for 10am. Guess what! Amaechi apologized for coming too early.

Amaechi also has his defects, but it is safe to call him ‘Mr. Punctuality’. Indeed, this is a trait worthy of emulation.

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