BEARS: Journalists for Hire

BEARS: Journalists for Hire
BEARS Thumbs Down Journalists for Hire

It is worrisome that journalists now priotize money and other forms of inducements over their primary assignments. Where is integrity and professional ethics? MMS Plus was shocked when a customs spokesperson showed him a text message last week where a journalist abused and also threatened to deal with the officer for not inviting him to a press briefing and not sending expected proceeds from the event to him afterwards.

Like Richard Joseph has explained the concept of “prebendalism”; a  priest/pastor enjoys certain benefits from the alter but his major aim of becoming a priest/pastor is to serve God and humanity without any expected gain in return but when you aspire to become a priest/pastor because of the benefits attached, such priotization of benefit is “karaption”.

Abegi, let’s be modest and morally upright.

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