Bears: Hot Sun Exercise

Bears: Hot Sun Exercise
Bears Thumbs Down Apapa bridge fence

Newly whitewashed fences have been erected on both sides of the Apapa bridge leading to Ports And Terminal Multi-services Limited. Pedestrian users of the terminal now have to do an unappealing extra 30 minutes ‘about turn’ under the hot grueling sun to get to the terminal.

Even the ‘Okada’ riders have cashed in on the moment to ripe-off unsuspecting road users who get to the bridge only to realize that it has been blocked and in that brief moment of indecision are made to part with as much as N100 for a  u-turn ride that if not for the 12ft’ fence would have cost them nothing.

Na wah o! At least they should have considered inserting a small pedestrian gate, if they so badly wanted to control the foot traffic. Suffering and smiling!

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