BEARS: Don’t Dull @Buffet

When you invite an average Nigerian to a party or conference and they realise serving will be done by Buffet style/ Serve yourself, they’ll be dancing on the inside like Yo! However, when it gets to your turn and you find out that there’s no more food in the buffet, the sudden happiness disappears and turns to sadness.
“Ha, there’s no more food” one of the guests at WISTA annual business luncheon lamented as she accused herself of being guilty of “dulling”.
This is a short narrative of typical hotel buffet turns out in a Nigerian party.
One might say, the way to avoid this is to ensure the next time you’re opportune to serve yourself, don’t wait till too long to avoid “Ha…”
However, party guests should be decent enough to take small portions of food to allow those who come later get something.

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