BEARS – Police and N20: Siamese Twins

BEARS:Police and N20: Siamese Twins
Police and N20: Siamese Twins

The quest to obtain N20 is certainly the low point of the police force. Bears gathered that last week at Apapa – Oshodi Express way, a policeman nearly caused havoc just because he wanted to collect N20.

The policeman stopped a container vehicle deliberately just to get the Okada man behind the trailer to stop. The unsuspecting Okada hastily matched his break and that led to fall of the passenger he was carrying who sustained minor injuries. All the commotion was in a bid for the policeman to collect N20.

Were it not for the agility of the Okada man, there would have been a fatal accident.

Bears saw this, shuddered and asked, what is it with policemen and N20?

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