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Bears: Smelly Tincan

Bears: Smelly Tincan

Bears Thumbs Down Smelly Tincan

The environmental degradation at the Tincan Island Ports access road has taken a worse deplorable facet as the road has been turned into a refuse dump site.

This situation has further worsened the gridlock in front of the port as refuse now occupy half of the road, leaving the other half for containers truck and ‘Okada’ riders since other motorists have long abandoned the idea of using the road for fear of being stuck in traffic for unpredictable hours.

Perhaps, now that the Gov. of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode has issued a 90 days ultimatum to all tank farm owners in Apapa to build a loading bays or be shut down, maybe change might come because Tincan has become suffocatingly smelly! hmph!

Can the Seaview Properties do anything about the refuse? Another dead outfit!

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