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BEARS: Kaduna Declaration

BEARS: Kaduna Declaration

BEARS thumbs down Kaduna Declaration

It is disheartening to see the supposed future leaders of a nation degenerate to such level of extreme intellectual decay. The recent “Kaduna Declaration” is a reflection of the malfunctionalty, irrationality and unpatriotic disposition of the northern war plotters, and a reflection of the division that the nation has been brooding over the years.

From Boko Haram, to Fulani herdsmen. The mayhem continues to increase and restive Northern youths have been the most ill-fated victims. Nobody owns the monopoly to violence, Nigeria belongs to us all and power belongs to God.

Only the myopic derive pleasure in inequalities and oppression but it is high-time we all support the present federal arrangements and the federation called “Nigeria”. Let us allow others live safe, talk free and sleep confidently. Let us live in Nigeria as Nigerians and not a bunch of people confined to a geographical polity called “Nigeria”.

There is no form of euphoria in wars.

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