BEARS: Beer Parlour Levels

BEARS: Beer Parlour LevelsBeer parlour is seen as a place to relax and enjoy yourself, obviously with a bottle of beer.

However, a beer parlour can also be used categorize or classify people. At a recent event organized by the Presidential Task Team on Restoring Law and Order at Apapa Port, an official classified journalists using levels found in a beer parlour.

According to the official who organized the various journalists into the bus top class journalists were those representing major television stations and popular national dailies but the rest were second class.

A journalist who was from a specialized maritime news medium was struggling to make sure he joined other journalists, when the official said “even for beer parlour, seniority dey there. So calm down and wait for me to attend to your seniors”.

Isn’t this an act of segregation which shouldn’t be encouraged. Journalists were conveyed in separate buses based on this officials categorization and it left a bitter taste for some reporters.

Everyone should be given equal opportunity and not treated based on class or position.

Nevertheless, are there levels at the beer parlour?

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