Bears: PR Harakiri?

Bears: PR Harakiri?
Bears Thumbs Down PR Harakiri hot seat

 The Bears wants to welcome Mr. Isichei Osamgbi , Head, Public Relations, NIMASA  back to the hot seat. Isichei is making his second “missionary” journey in the  agency’s PR department. The prayers of the media and the head of the parastatal is “do not repeat your mistakes “. PR is such a unique field that presents every problem as unique as  such requires unique solutions. However. Isichei has started his second coming by creating a unique problem for himself, and the director general  as events will soon unfold. It was gathered that he hosted the Energy Correspondents in his office in preference against the maritime media, his immediate constituents. And the news was everywhere. He has the right, no doubt, but that could amount to committing a PR  hara-kiri.  We wish he could play back his first coming in video form, he will realize his  blunders and avoid them.  Any attempt at plying the same route again could be disastrous. Now, redeem NIMASA’s image and more importantly yours.   As usual, we shall make your road “Rough”. In  Jesus name, Amen!        

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