Bulls: Sarumi  Quits

Bulls: Sarumi  Quits
BULLS thumb up Sarumi  Quits

 For the first time, it is  difficult to decide whether  a subject matter should be a Bull or a Bear. It all depends on  which divide you want to belong. Chief Adebayo Sarumi has resigned his position as the President of Nigerian Chamber of Shipping (NCS). The Cicero of the maritime industry threw in the towel last December, 2016 after over one year of holding forth as the president. Expectations were high when he accepted the job, at a time  the Chamber was singing funeral  songs and waiting on the undertakers to usher in the hearse.  However. Sarumi  got in but tasted the water with a foot, as he refused to be inaugurated as the President,as the Chamber’s tradition demands. He called for a forensic audit of the Chamber and discovered “optimum  shishi” which raised dust at the Council meeting. Expectedly, he began a restructuring  exercise that  he never saw through, thereby raising the questions: Why did Sarumi leave the Chamber?  Could it be that the Chamber is finished? Could it be that he can’t work with the people there?  At this point, do we praise Chief for stepping aside or blame him for throwing away the baby when his leadership wizardry is most cherished?

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