BEARS: Ebola And HIV/AIDS; The Supremacy Contest

Ebola And HIV/AIDS, The Supremacy Contest
Bears thumbs down for Ebola virus

AIDS: Bros na wah for you oo, you just came and everybody is fearing you like death, where did you get your power from?

EBOLA: Ha ha ha, I told you then to wait for sometime before you come but you refused, you quickly rushed out and the doctors found a solution to you but look at me that was patient enough am making waves now.

AIDS: na wa ooo, everybody fears you so much that nobody comes close anyone you have infected but if I infect anyone, people will still eat, hug and even sleep with the person without
any problem.

EBOLA: Bros, I ready come. The native doctor that did this for me is a strong one. I have power even over a dead person so much that you cannot move him or her from state to state just anyhow. That is how dangerous I am.

AIDS: Even hospitals too fear you if a victim is taken there. In fact, any hospital that admits your victim is indirectly closed down but in my case, activities still remain the same in the hospital where my victim is found as if nothing has happened.

Ebola: Bros, I am not responsible for your plight, you are on your own.

AIDS: Your case tire me ooo, I wan be like u o, u just make me look like kindergarten. Even me dey fear u because you fit catch me sef but know say, all these deaths u are sharing, remember that diaris God o.

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