BEARS: Death’s NYSC Call!

BEARS: Death’s NYSC Call!
Bears Thumbs Down Death in NYSC

 “Youth obey the clarion call,

“Let us lift our nation high,

“Under the sun and in the rain,

“With dedication and selflessness,

“Nigeria’s ours Nigeria we serve.

These are the patriotic lines echoed during the three-weeks orientation exercise of the National Youths Service Corps. It was the also echoed by the three fallen corps members who died during the exercise recently.

However, these fallen heroes died due to irresponsibility and lack of experienced medical personnel at the various NYSC Orientation camps in Kano, Bayelsa and Zamfara.

Fellow Nigerians! Do you know that most NYSC orientation camp which hosts over 1000 corps members don’t have modern medical facilities, experienced medical personnel who are charged with the sole responsibility to save human lives and good environmental condition to cater for the needs of these corps members.

This negligence has to stop. The death of corps members in the NYSC orientation camp is becoming a recurrent decimal in almost all NYSC camps across the country.

We can’t to continue to mourn the Nigerian youth who have spent vital years schooling, especially those who willingly decided to answer the national call to serve!

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