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BEARS: Rivers Brutality

BEARS: Rivers BrutalityDespite the peaceful presidential election in several parts of the country, there was violence in Lagos, Rivers and Anambra States. However, Rivers state has been a major source of concern as the state is known for its violent nature Over the years, there have been continuous reports of killings and riots in the state during election. This year was not an exemption as 15 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members and two APC loyalists were killed despite the presence of heavily armed security agents in different parts of the state. Shootings and explosions also rocked parts of the state while the presidential election was ongoing.

No one deserves to be killed as a result election. This has been a recurrent issue in the state and lives are been lost yearly as a result of the violence. Rivers state government should do all that is necessary to prevent future re-occurrence during election.

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