BULLS: Transparent NNPC

BULLS: Transparent NNPC
Bulls Thumbs Up New NNPC GMD

Formerly, the Nigerian National petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was run almost as a clandestine organization, with a lot of the Corporation’s dealings cloaked in secrecy. Those were the days of the cabals. Today, the gab of secrecy is being pulled down. If you want to know exactly what the NNPC’s financial book looks like, don’t worry. The GMD, Dr. Emmanuel Kachikwu, will soon make the audited records available to the general public. If you’ve attempted to do business with the NNPC before but was denied because you lacked the ‘right recommendation,’ don’t worry, Oga Kachikwu says that, “Contracts will be made open to the public and we will choose the best module that works for us and that helps us save money.”

That is what we want to hear. Well done, GMD!

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