BULLS: This Dave Umahi’s Reform

BULLS: This Dave Umahi’s Reform
Senator David Umahi

Sen. David Umahi, Minister of Works,last week locked out members of staff of his ministry for coming late to office. They also had a revenge match.  

The Ministry caught fire for his audacity to embark on change in office culture that has for decades become the most convenient way of life supported by excuses of insufficient salary.  

Dave took the right cause but took the wrong approach to compliance.  There would have been attitudinal change programme and notices to go with it.  With this, locking out will be a warning move while surcharge will be the ultimate compliance tool.

Where was the Servicom unit of the ministry that ought to have advised the Minister?  Lateness is an established work culture in ministries, departments and agencies.

Come to NPA, NIMASA, NSC,etc it is the norm. At NSC, Head of Public Relations is a perpetual late comer, who comes by 11 am and leaves at 2pm, and makes excuses with Apapa gridlock, that is when the CEO is even around. Imagine what happens when Oga is out of town?

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