BEARS: 419 Syndrome In Imo Leadership!

BEARS: 419 Syndrome In Imo Leadership!

Why is Imo State always gifted with leaders who pander so much to vanity and fraudulent promises?

At least, in recent years this has been the case!  Perhaps, this is why some say they are always producing 419 governors(?). Ikedi Ohakim promised to employ ten thousand workforce in the State civil service when the total workforce was below one thousand five hundred and collected N2000 each from applicants, but could not absolve 1000 people in the process.

However, he raked in N20million unaccounted for!  Rochas Okorocha came with building health centers in all the state’s Local councils, which turned out a hoax, meanwhile the money developed wings. Now, Hope Uzodinma, has promised to secure employment opportunities offshore-Europe for 4,000 youths if re-elected.

What a campaign promise! Is Europe an extension of Imo State’s economy?  The same way he dabbled at dredging Ogwuta River without fundamentals but has Urashi River begging for development unnoticed.   Is this a curse? The Bears detests this.

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