BULLS: No Nonsense Trucker

BULLS: No Nonsense Trucker
Bulls Thumbs up No Nonsense Trucker

Despite the crisis that rocked Apapa fews weeks ago as a result of the killing of a truck driver who refused to yield to the police inducement request, the Nigerian Police officers seemed not have learnt from the horrible incident.

There was another dramatic scene where one of the police officers stationed around Eleganza, Apapa was waving and shouting profusely at a moving truck, ordering it to stop.

MMS Plus who got attracted as a result of the uproar quickly paid attention to the funny scene. The dark (charcoaled) skinned truck driver whose eyeballs were redish stared at the policeman’s direction like an angry dog expecting an uncultured intruder to be taught a lesson. I am sure if it wasn’t for a second thought, he would have crushed the policeman.

Guess what! The police who is supposed to control traffic had wanted to delay him (truck driver) so as to obtain the usual (bribe) but he suddenly became conscious of the fact that most truck drivers are now know their rights.

Having seen the expression on the driver’s face, the police quickly adjusted and “maintained”.

Double gbosa for the no-nonsense driver who refused to give bribe!

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