BULLS: Fabulous Folake

BULLS: Fabulous Folake
Mrs. Folake Soji-George

The Co- Director of Al-Hadiat, Folake Soji-George thrilled participants at the 3rd Women In Leadership and Career Empowerment Programme (WILCEP) Africa Mentorship when she donated ten WILCEP books as part of efforts to invest in the lives of her audience. She had transformed their lives with a pulsating story of her ordeals in business, yet she took her generosity a step further by providing participants the inspiring book titled “Mentorship: The Link to Effective Leadership” rights of women as well as their importance to the society.

Where would you find a woman as ‘motherly’ as Folake? It was a public holiday, yet she jettisoned the comfort of her home and endured three hours drive, sat patiently for another two hours listening to the previous speaker before pouring her heart out in a narrative of her life experiences. Her passion about Nigerian women and the growth of the country is exceptional. Nigeria will be much better, if it had a million‘Fabulous Folakes’.

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