BULLS: Bush Love As Editors  Bury Pa Oni

BULLS: Bush Love As Editors  Bury Pa Oni
Members of the League of Maritime Editors at the funeral service of the late Pa Michael Oni in Ijare, Akure, Ondo State at the weekend.

Pa Michael Oni died at 100 years with legacies and children with  immense value to mourn him.  Wale Oni , publisher of Port News and Gboyega Oni are some of his offsprings that mourn and interred the late Centenarian in Ijare, Akure,  Ondo State at the weekend.

 The League of Maritime Editors members were there in full to support their member.  Delicacies found favour in the stomachs of some members and many others who ate in merry but landed in the bush for rescue. They found love while defecating as rainfall poured and blessed their union of inconvenience. A baby shits and hails man doing same in admiration.   Learn to take what you can chew.

 It was a celebration of life well-spent! May you live this long before death calls! Amen.

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