Bull: Our Funky Funke!

Bull: Our Funky Funke!
BULLS thumb up Funky Funke

When I was told what some women have gone through to get the recognition of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria(SAN), I simply said, it is not worth the trouble. However, we know that  Barr. Mrs. Olafunke Agbor has been trying to “sight the Moon”  for years  until this beautiful last week that she was listed among the new SANs.  Coincidentally, she was announced a SAN the day the Moon got missing, for the first time in history, keeping many Muslim brethrens in suspense.  That is a reward for hard and smart work. She is one of the finest Maritime  lawyers, and a former President of WISTA-Nigeria. Funke as called by friends, deserves  even more laurels given her contributions to the advancement of maritime law, globally. Congratulations as we plead with the givers of SAN to remember other worthy maritime female lawyers in the industry. Please, the giver, reward them based on their performances like that of our Funke, seek not what the Bench and the Bar frown at in judgments.  Congratulations, our  dear woman of fortune.

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