BEARS: Ushering The Ushers

BEARS: Ushering The Ushers
BEARS Thumbs Down Ushering The Ushers

Ushers are saddled with the onus of directing guests to their seats as they arrive and are usually the first to meet visitors. However, reverse was the case at the MMS Hall of Famers’ day and Night of Empowerment last week, as the ushers arrived so late they actually needed ushering.

One of MMS Plus editorial staff had to take up the responsibility of ushering the guests into the hall to to their seats. When the ushers eventually showed up, he welcomed them too and ushered them in before they relieved him of the ushering duties. While this may show his level of discipline on the part of the reporter, it shows a high level of indiscipline and unprofessionalism displayed by the ushers at a corporate function.

It was also pitiable as the only usher who wasn’t tardy had little knowledge of ushering at such event. Although she didn’t do badly, she was overwhelmed by the burden of standing-in for her experienced but tardy colleagues.

Aside this hitch, the event turned out to be an excellent one but their employers must ensure that such unprofessional conduct doesn’t happen again.

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