BEARS: Touts Rule Apapa

BEARS: Touts Rule Apapa
Bears Thumb Down Youth Restiveness at Apapa

There was pandemonium at Apapa on Tuesday last week as two factions of Apapa touts popularly known as ‘area boys’ held sway at Bornu crescent. These hoodlums fought for over thirty minutes  with an Army on escort making futile efforts to stop them, while the several Police vans drove pass the scene without making any effort to stop the war.

These rascals were said to be ‘barracks boys’ which means that they were either children of military officers or they were trained by officers. If that is the case, then it’s a shame to the military officers who are their parents and guardians.

Apapa remains the home of Nigeria’s premier port and such it shouldn’t be characterized by ‘area boys wahala’ anymore.

The relevant authorities should take note, especially the Nigerian Police.

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