BEARS: Something Fishy About NPA

BEARS: Something Fishy About NPA
Bears Thumbs Down NPA

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) were probably attempting to hide something about the 5,000 tally-clerks and onboard security it has abandoned when Captain Ihenacho Ebubeogu recently told MMS Plus that the NPA had no relationship with tally-clerks and NPA didn’t pay them. We wonder what kind of relationship the NPA meant when it stated that it would no longer cater for tally-clerks and onboard security men from December 15th. If our dear Capt. Ebubeogu was trying to conceal something he definitely made a big mess of it. If NPA weren’t paying these tally-clerks, why did they say they were calling it quits on the contracts with them? How does one say he or she is terminating a relationship with someone he or she doesn’t have a connection to?

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