Bears: Oshodi-Apapa River

Bears: Oshodi-Apapa River
Bears Thumbs Down Oshodi-Apapa River

 Journeying through the Oshodi- Apapa road especially the Tin Can axis has always been terrible but the raining season has worsened the potholes are filled with water creating an artificial river.

A driver or motorcyclist must have to be a regular user of the road to know where and how to scale through these obstacles hidden beneath the water.
At a recent stakeholders forum the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) stated that it wasn’t its responsibility to fix the road, but can’t the NPA approach the necessary authorities to salvage the road?
Nigeria rakes in billions of naira annually from the activities of the Tin Can and Apapa ports, does the government need a special sermon to realize the need to repair the roads. How long would we have to suffer the ordeal of this road?

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