BEARS: Muddy FAAN Soccer

BEARS: Muddy FAAN SoccerLast week, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) organized a interdepartmental football match to ease its workers off stress.  It was indeed an opportunity for the workers to laugh, play and enjoy themselves. It is good to know that despite the several responsibilities of the agency, it creates time for such event.

This would improve health status of the members of staff which will invariably impact on the authority’s effectiveness. Nevertheless, it was unfortunate that the rainfall coupled with FAAN’s grass limited football pitch made the football match look like a comedy as the ball was difficult to kick around. The players looking like painters who had been successful at painting with mud.

Oh! FAAN needs a better pitch as the event could only pass for an excercise and not a football match. We could call it ‘Muddy FAAN Soccer’

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