BEARS: Mike Igbokwe’s Goof

BEARS: Mike Igbokwe's Goof
Mike Igbokwe (SAN) is the second Vice President of the Nigeria Maritime Law Association (NMLA).
The firebrand lawyer, Barr. Mike Igbokwe goofed with his comments on the paper delivered by the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association  (WISTA) Ghana President, Mrs. Jemilat Maharaj.
He stated that women must debunk their inferiority complex to make more significant impact in the maritime sector. Igbokwe received boos from the women even as he tried to stress that he knew what he was saying, stating that he chooses his choice of words very carefully. He also emphasized that he had a wife, mother and daughters The women at the event wouldn’t tolerate this blow. The issue spurred reactions from the Chairperson, Nigerian Ship-owners Forum, Barr. Margaret Orakwusi who debunked such claims and admonished Igbokwe and other Nigerian men to train their daughters to be bold and courageous. Igbokwe would have to more meticulous next time he speaks about women!

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