BEARS: Ironic Youthful Exuberance

BEARS: Ironic Youthful Exuberance
BEARS thumbs down Ironic Youthful Exuberance

Is youthfulness a crime? Maybe a suitable response will give an insight to the ugly incident that hit some residents of Ijora-Badia, Orile and Amukoko last week.

While Eid filtr celebration was took place with jamboree in many Muslims homes nationwide after 30 days of fasting, the Ijora-Badia and Orile sub-axis turned into sardonic and horrific mood when the lifeless body of a young man was found on the road around Amukoko roundabout in the wee hour of Monday.

An eyewitness confirmed to MMS Plus newspaper that the deceased who was stabbed to death was believed to have settled a rift between two rival gangsters at a party. “He intervened in a quarrel between two thugs yesterday and the issue seemed to have been settled. We suspect that he was attacked with broken bottle this morning by probably an aggrieved party among the warring groups. It has been the usual habit of the youths around here to quarrel and kill each other heartlessly. We are even begging God that the quarrel ends here” an eyewitness remarked.

These illicit acts of Nigerian youths have become too rampant. Today, it’s Badoo group in Ikorodu, tomorrow 1Million boys in Apapa, then cult clashes in Rivers or Delta States and all sorts of kidnapping activities everywhere.

Definitely, it is the peak of moral decadence in Nigeria, which has become the norm called ‘youthful exuberance’

Let those who have ears listen to the voice of wisdom. Remember, the law of retribution exists.


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