BEARS: Incompetent Marshals

BEARS: Incompetent Marshals
Bears Thumbs Down Incompetent Marshals

The tragedy that almost occurred at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminnal, few weeks back in Lagos, when two Airbus 330 conveying not fewer than 250 passengers had a collision that resulted in the two air craft being partially damaged.

The aircraft was alleged to have been misdirected by the marshals who led the pilot arriving to take the same gate where there was a parked aircraft. One of the aircraft was taxing from the runway to disembark while the other aircraft was preparing to take off to port-Harcourt from the same terminal.
This is an indication of lack of coordination and synchronization in airport activities and negligence of duty which put the lives of so many passengers in danger. Those marshals deserve a spanking.

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