BEARS: Hot Vex

BEARS: Hot Vex
BEARS Thumbs Down Hot Vex

The President of Nigerian Licensed Ship-Chandlers Association, Dr. Martins Enebeli displayed hot vex, creating a scene that was needless as he walked out of the hall after explaining the foreign exchange difficulties encountered by ship-chandlers in the country.

At the event, Disbursement Accounts in shipping received unanimous endorsement by all categories of shipping stakeholders including Dr. Martins’s association when Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) organized a sensitization conference on the subject.

The fact that Dr. Martins got angry and walked out was strange as he had refused to hold his peace even after assurances by Shippers’ Council directors at the event that his association would have a seperate meeting with the Council.

Outside the hall, Dr. Martins told MMS Plus that the CBN Director on Forex, Mr. Saleh Jibrin had no right to tell him when to speak and when not to – because he was a civil servant while Dr. Martins is a private stakeholder.

According to him, salaries are guaranteed for civil servants while the issue he complained about affected his earnings as a businessman.

Nevertheless, it was uncultured for the ship-chandling guru to have walked out, even after most of the participants pleaded that he stayed behind.

Which kind vex be dat sef? Na HOT VEX!

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