BEARS: Ebola Canteen!

Ebola Canteen!
Bears thumb down the shabby and unkempt look of the canteen

Have you been so hungry and you went to Apapa Customs Command Canteen to eat before? Were you able to relish your food? How did you manage to eat in such an environment?

Bears thumb down the shabby and unkempt look of the canteen where even some senior officers of the Service take their meals.

Last week, Bears watched with nausea how officers of the Service sat down round a table taking their breakfast without caring a hoot how the wall of the canteen looks. It is more disgusting that the tables of the much touted kitchen of the canteen in the highest revenue earning command of the service across the nation put peoples’ lives at risk by what they give out to the officers and men.

It was said that the commonest meat in the canteen is ‘ponmo’.


Some of the chairs kept in the canteen are as dusty as sawmill that you will think nobody uses the environment.

Surprisingly, this is happening when Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) scare is at its peak. Hygiene, here is zero, raising fear of possible Ebola epidemic outbreak.

Na WA o, una no try at all.

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