BEARS: Don’t Retire Wretched

BEARS: Don’t Retire Wretched
BEARS thumbs Down Retiring Wretched

For many, retirement comes suddenly despite their knowledge several years back that retirement would surely come. They end up poor few months after retirement, looking wretched and unfulfilled.

Your retirement age is the age at which you begin receiving social security retirement benefits, but if you start to plan early for this you could make it the most fruitful and productive part of your life.

Take a cue from Dr. Sunny Maduka, the Chief Internal Auditor of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) Tin Can Island Port who retires next week and he has prepared a parting gift for those he leaves behind in a book he titled, ‘Retire Now, Retire Happy’.

In the book, he explains why all employees should start planning for post- retirement as soon as they are employed.

Dr. Sunny is indeed retiring happy and with several business plans as well as several international and local seminars lined up for his presentation.

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