BEARS: Bello Koko’s Tour Of The Eastern Port; Sign Of Good Tidings

BEARS: Bello Koko's Tour Of The Eastern Port;Sign Of Good Tidings
Bello Koko
The recent tour of the Managing Director of the Nigerian ports Authority ( NPA/)Bello Koko to the eastern port of Port Harcourt came at an auspicious time.
It came at  a time questions are being asked about the neglect of the ports in that part of the country. With most of the ports    lying fallow,and in bad shape jus like the Port Harcourt port that is suffering dilapidation,Bello Koko’s visit will definitely change the narrative in the port activities  over there
The visit no doubt has yielded fruit as the 100 years old port Harcourt port is been rehabilitated.There is therefore   hope that  the eastern ports will once again be up and running and  competitive,thus taking  pressure off  Lagos Ports.

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