Maritime Editors Fall For A 30-Metre-Tall  Benin Female Warrior

Members of the League of Maritime Editors were feted  last week in an unusual dimension by the Controller of Seme Customs Command, Compt. Dera Nnadi, in what could be described as relationship sustainability in corporate communications management. 

It was a hearty re-union and memory-lane  sojourn that featured a day-long treat and visit to Cotonou city in Benin Republic to arm the intellect with useful knowledge of the port environment, transportation operation and  the emerging sustainability initiatives driving the city. Tourism and its planning was one subject that stand tall in the visit. 

We learnt modesty in leadership, maintenance culture values and accountability in leadership.  Back on the border operation, the CAC has begun a reform that will rob off on the export and trade relations between Nigeria and her West African neigbours..  

We visited the statue of Benin Amazone, a 30- metre-tall-Amazon statue sculpted in honour of the women warriors of Dahomey empire, now Benin Republic. . It was said to have been unveiled recently and shows how proud this small West African country is of its history, which is slowly emerging from the ruins of colonial injustice and rewriting of history.

The small country in West Africa with about 13 million people was once the centre of a powerful regional kingdom called the Kingdom of Dohamey. The country is becoming more and more eager to honour its historical heroes and heritage.

The statue, by a Chinese sculptor, Li Xiangqun, represents an Agoodie or Minon, a term that refers to members of a regional military corps entirely composed of women. Both admired and feared for their bravery, the Agoodie participated in most of the military campaigns the Dahome (or, ‘Danxome’) Kingdom waged against its enemies for nearly 200 years.

It was a sight to behold, seeing history recreated in modern form and beauty fitted with thunder arrestor. The image is arresting and inspires gender inclusivity on sighting it. Members of the League celebrated it values and tourism potentials.  Enjoys the pictures.

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