BULLS: Naval Double-Dealing

Bull thumbs up Navy

The year 2014 was indeed a very good one for the Nigerian Navy in terms of combating crimes, piracy, and other related illegal activities in the Nigerian waters.

A Navy spokesman revealed that the Navy arrested over 84 vessels last year for one offence or the other bordering on criminal and illegal activities on Nigerian waters.

This is really a commendable feat as the nefarious activities of these persons do not only make Nigeria waters unsecured but turns off investment opportunities.

Bull commends the Navy and charges them to do more this 2015 as activities of criminals are also on the rise. However, there are still cases of connivance in oil theft between the Navy big-wigs and Niger-Delta militants. This is why there is the slogan: The sea is closed and open. Can the chief of Naval Staff defend this? He collects settlement! Can he swear?

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