BULLS: The Biafra And Nigeria In ANLCA


BULLS: The Biafra And Nigeria In ANLCA

At last, peace is expected to return to the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents(ANLCA) after five years  of  protracted crisis. The Customs Consultative Council(CCC) waded in  and called for a cease fire.  We  guess the threat by the office of the National Security Adviser(NSA) to proscribe the association also played a role in making the fighters to recoil into their shells. Congratulation to the leadership of the CCC and to members of ANLCA who can now enjoy peace. We  do hope this peace will not be that of the graveyard later.  A  No Victor, No Vanquish model was replicated with 2013 constitution adopted as a compass. There are lessons for Nigeria in ANLCA crisis, also.

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