BULLS: Customs Outsmart Smugglers

BULLS: Customs Outsmart SmugglersOfficers of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) at the Seme border command have displayed sagacious nous to beat smugglers antics as they nabbed company branded vehicles used to smuggled rice as well as a fictitiously branded schoolbus intended to be smuggled into the country

A Mitsubishi Triton L200, 2005 Model vehicle branded Blue Boat “Freshyo Drinking Yoghurt ” belonging to Blue Boat Company  was among the 28 vehicles intercepted by Customs operatives at the Seme Area Command  for various infractions.

The Mitsubishi vehicle was allegedly stuffed with twenty bags of smuggled rice from neighbouring countries while another schoolbus crested ‘Divine Peace Nur/Pry School’ was a vehicle intended to be smuggled into the country.

This high level of sagacity by the Customs officers is worthy of commendation!

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