BULL: End Of Tomatoes Ebola

BULLS: End Of Tomatoes Ebola
BULLS thumb up Nigerian farmers

 Ahead of the Christmas celebration, prices of tomatoes, onions and pepper have miraculously fallen by 55% in some major markets in Lagos and indeed the entire nation at large.

A basket of tomatoes which previously cost N9, 000 now sells for N5, 000, also, a jute bag of onions now sold for N17, 000 as against N28, 000; while a bag of Tatashe and Chili pepper have also fallen to N4, 500 and N4, 000 respectively, as against N8, 000 in November. This drop in prices of these commodities can only be credited to the massive harvest by farmers in this yuletide season despite the tomato ebola which occurred earlier this year.

This is indeed one of the greatest news of the year 2016.

Thumbs up to all the Nigerian farmers for their timely efforts in putting smiles to the faces of many extra monies in their pockets this season.

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