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BULLS: Blind Joy

BULLS: Blind Joy

Bulls Thumbs up Blind Joy

The joy and merriment in the picture above was orchestrated by the melodious tunes of a team from the Bethesda Child Support Agency. Dr. Obiora Madu showed a remarkable way to celebrate a birthday party as he gave these folks an opportunity to be celebrated. They are blind but they are also immensely talented.

The climax of the ceremony was to see some participants shed tears as they watched the kids dance. What a touching experience it was to see the less privileged live their lives to the fullest.

Well, thumbs up to the man who gave them a platform to be recognized and celebrated. Life is about touching lives and making impact and Mr. Export epitomizes the life of giving as he also gave gifts to each of them at the party.

Next time you mark your birthday take a cue from Dr. Obiora and remember the needy!

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