BEARS: Tinubu And Profligacy Plc

BEARS: Tinubu And Profligacy Plc

With barely 6 months in office, Bola Tinubu’s government is fast taking on a brand identity not planned for. But it is a choice it has made. Nigerians are dying from hard and harsh fiscal measures under the guise of raising revenue for capital and recurrent projects but the President has the audacity to assent to spend N28.3billion for new official buildings for himself in Lagos and another one in Abuja for the Vice-President.  

How many jobs can these buildings create in Nigeria’s painful situation of today? Imagine diverting that sum into an industrial scheme, what  impact will have on the bed-ridden economy? Cadbury Nigeria Plc, one of the flagship industries in Nigeria with thousands of indirect and direct jobs created already is valued at N27.4billion(?). When the president and his VP are profligates’ ordinaries’   what does one expect of the ministers? The Minister of Industry,Trade and Investment, Doris Uzoka Anitie  budgeted N1billion for trips to Geneva and other countries. What for? No shame, no empathy, no conscience. It is indeed their Turn.   What about the N5biillion yacht? The legislators’ cake of billions? And Remi Tinubu’s tacit pocket –money?  The recent Dubai presidential jamboree in the midst of a weeping naira against the foreign currencies? The Bears is sadly humbled by this profligacy company.

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