BEARS: Tin Can Madness

BEARS: Tin Can Madness
Bears Thumb Down Hapharzard Tin Can Port

The Tin Can Port access road has been characterized by dirt and smelliness but the container terminal just opposite the Tin Can port has become a bigger challenge to the sanity of the port environ. The activities of the container terminal has only helped to ensure the road are impassable. It is also very risky to have cranes carrying containers on the same road where small cars and commercial buses are plying.

When asked why the relevant authorities haven’t made efforts to sanction or evict the terminal operators, a motorist said “them don settle ground na”

Mhmmmmm… if them don settle and the problem never get solution, Abeg I dey move motion for ‘unsettle’ or ‘resettle’.

Which kind of ‘settle’ be that? The relevant authorities should speedily address the situation!

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