BEARS: This Tin can Island Port Sef!

BEARS: This Tin can Island Port Sef!
Bears Thumbs Down NSC’s Tin-can Filthy Toilet

The state of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Tin can Island Command lavatory is better imagined than seen.

Bears is sure that when the command was designed the filth that the toilet now is was not the original look intended for it because no matter how pressed you are, once inside, the stench of unflushed urine and faces will give you a rethink. It is littered with big shits and small shits.

Bears advice the authorities of the command to do something about this as Ebola is less than six countries away and if it got here once it could still get here again. We know the PRO of the command has a listening ear and had managed situations worse than this in the command before. He can fix it!

Please, have you visited the Tin can Port office of NPA lately? They need help! Watch out!

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