BEARS: The Power of Hunger

The Power of Hunger
Bear condemns this attitude

Some journalists go to events just for their selfish interests and not for information gathering purpose.

This is evident in the discussions of some female journalists at an event at Rockview Hotel, yesterday where they were complaining that a particular speaker was taking too much time hence denying them access to food.

They even said the long speech was for those who would write the story and not for people like them.

This set of ladies came late to the event, busy talking while the event was going on.

Hear them: “Na Wah ooo, this man, you too talk e don do now make una give person food I don tire abi, my sister” and the other responded, “Yes now, no mind them, that story na for person wey go write the story wetin concern me”.

Bear condemns this attitude, enjoins them to open restaurant, they sure will have many customers.

This stock of “media people” exist, especially in the industry because the stakeholders water their growth. Customs officers promote idiocy, indolence and prostitution in the maritime industry. They welcome and accommodate all manners of waka-pass, market women who call themselves journalists by always freely giving them money for imaginary services. They either pay for the service in advance or in arrears, not of course, for journalistic services.

These monies are freely gotten and freely given. How do we control this? Castrate the officers?

This is the power of hunger

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