BEARS: Parents Trade Children  For Food!

BEARS: Parents Trade Children  For Food!

The daily plummeting of Naira is now a trend in this surviving and stifling economy. The Central Bank Nigeria’s decision to  redesign new notes has added more ‘salt’ to the Naira ‘injuries’ and as such Nigerians can barely account for their staple breakfast meals such as bread, egg, milk and beverages.

A standard loaf of bread size goes for N800 while mini sized bread that is not up to the size of a human fist is N150. Egg which is mostly accompanied with bread to have an ideal breakfast is at N2,000 and N2,500 for medium and  bigger sizes, respectively.
Breakfast beverages such as milk, milo, bournvita, coffee, cocoa, black tea prices are on the rooftops!
This economic turbulence may lead to the extinction of these breakfast meals in Nigeria . Nigerians who cannot afford these ‘golds’ as meals may depend on the constant rice, yam and garri for all squares of meal in a day! A high poor nutrition index would soon befall us! Some parents will soon begin to trade their children in the open for cash. May Buhari and APC not happen to Nigeria again!

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