BEARS: MD, Lamido Show Them!

BEARS: MD, Lamido Show Them!
Bears Thumbs Down Engr. Philipson Falade

As a civil servant or public office holder, retiring or leaving the office, how would you like to be remembered? No testimonial can be more painful or sweeter than the one made by one’s colleagues in the office. The public may perceive one but an inside knows one better.

This explains the pains for Engr. Philipson Falade, who retired from Seaview Properties Ltd on the 16th June, 2015 as the CEO. He left with allegations from his office trailing him. Out of every 10 colleagues of his spoken to about him, hardly could even say two nice things about him. Now, their surprise again is that he has refused to handover properly to somebody. He runs the office from home.

According to them, the NPA Executive Director (ED) Finance and Administration, Mr. Olumide Oduntan and ED, Engineering, Engr. Mohamed Saleh are his strength. They all “run things together” in Seaview, which is a subsidiary firm of NPA.

Why make more scandals of your stewardship, Falade? Oh! Shame them and leave in peace and pray that they don’t seek your probe. Both EDs need to explain things in Seaview, however. MD, Lamido tell them you are in charge!

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